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About us

Bullock International Ltd. was founded in 2005.

The Managing Director and owner of the company, Mr Simon Bullock, is a native English speaker. He was born in Cambridge, has an Honours degree in Economics and more than 25 years’ experience as a teacher. He has also been an actor and director, on stage and at the BBC. If you need an English voiceover for your film or video – he would be happy to help.

Based in the centre of Sofia, we provide high-speed language teaching in both English and Bulgarian. You can work online from your home or office. 

We can prepare you for internationally-recognized examinations in English - IELTS, FCE, CAE etc., with an experienced native speaker.

We are a registered translation agency with the Bulgarian Ministry of the Exterior and provide a complete range of services, including written and oral translation, legalization and an online support service.

All our written translations are checked by native speakers.

Our translation of the hugely-successful novel ‘The English Neighbour’ by Mikhail Veshim was among the 10 finalists (out of 91) shortlisted in the EU Book of the Year contest 2009. We also took part in the 2011 Brit Writers Award  contest. Our literary agency in the UK, Cornville & Walsh, help us to introduce good Bulgarian books abroad. If you have written a book which is very successful in Bulgaria and you would like to have it translated into English, please let us know – we would be happy to help. Our speciality is humour – the toughest for translation. We have proven that we are good; you can trust us.

We provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting for your business meetings and conferences. You can be sure of the quality of the translation because it will be done by native speakers into their own language! 

If you are having problems with your email correspondence in English – we are online on Skype for you, ready to translate or verify anything as you go – fast and reliable, no worries at all.

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